Arisen is a Viking Class in Camelot Unchained



The Arisen have sworn to die each day to serve their Realm. As each day dawns, each Arisen takes their own life, only to instantly rise again. Due to their sacrifice, they are the most powerful of the scouts, appearing black as a moonless night. Besides being strong, Arisen have the ability to change their size at will.



Sacrifice brings strength, strength brings victory, victory brings sacrifice.




   Cursed Existence
   Weapon-based ability power is greatly reduced.


   To enter Arisen form, the user must sacrifice themselves. If the user dies without performing the sacrificial 
   ritual, they do not enter Arisen form. Arisen form takes increased damage from fire, radiant, and crushing attacks.





   Cadaverous Horror
   Arisen form causes the panic rating of nearby enemies to increase over time.


   Fetid Defiler
   Arisen form does not have or use blood, and takes greatly reduced disruption damage from all sources.





   Sacrificial Rite (Modal)
   The user sacrifices their life in order to enter Arisen form, leaving behind a tombstone that limits the distance they can travel before 
   starting to fade and take damage over time. Arisen form gains high concealment and health regeneration.


   Death Mark (Arisen Ability)
   Places death debuff on an enemy that marks them as sighted for a long duration, greatly reducing their concealment, 
   and applies a ghostly aura only players of the user's Realm can see.


   Putrid Vomit (Arisen Ability)
   Inflicts a high amount of panic on enemies in a cone in front of the user, and applies a death debuff to them that greatly
   reduces their movement speed for a moderate duration.




Divine Intervention

Abominable Gigantism
In Arisen form, the user gains a death buff that causes them to grow to immense size and gain greatly increased health and movement speed. This buff also adds a high amount of panic to enemies affected by the user's abilities.


Death Curse

Ghastly Exhumation
Zombie hands reach up from the ground and immobilize nearby enemies for a moderate duration, or until the hands are destroyed. Applies a death debuff to enemies in the area that deals death damage over time, with a duration based on the amount of time they were in contact with the hands.

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