Physician is an Arthurian Class in Camelot Unchained



To achieve their goal of being the best healers on the field of battle, members of this class use a bit more “science” than many others. The Physicians rely on a mixture of ability-enhanced potions, elixirs, and magical abilities to accomplish their goals. They also utilize a variant of the horn of Brân Galed (one of the Thirteen Treasures of Britain) to enhance their potions.



Physician, heal thy Realm.




   Damage inflicted with melee weapons is greatly reduced.


   Encumbrance penalties from equipment are increased.





   Quality Assurance
   Allows the user to drink a small portion of each potion just before they use it. The potion then works on the user with a lower-powered effect,
   as well as on the target with no loss of power. Works in conjunction with Alchemical Accumulation.


   Alchemical Accumulation
User gains additional Alchemical Accumulation power with each potion effect received.





   Soothing Elixir (Primary)
Reduces panic and cures a wound from the target’s most damaged body part.



   Healing Elixir (Primary)
Heals the target for a moderate amount and grants them a life buff that heals them for an additional small amount each time they take damage, for a brief duration.



   Bottle Toss (Secondary)
Throws a bottled potion at the target, smashing it against their body and applying its effects at below normal power.



   Alchemical Empowerment (Modifier)
Spends an amount of stored Alchemical Accumulation power to increase the power of an equipped potion.



   Horn of Replenishing (Modifier)
Expends an amount of power from the user’s horn to restore an amount of an expended elixir or potion.



Divine Intervention

Alchemical Overcharge
Cures up to two wounds on the user’s most damaged body part, and restores a large amount of health to all the user’s body parts based on the user’s amount of Alchemical Accumulation.


Death Curse

Forever Wounds
The user’s hostile target is haunted by a ghostly image of the dead Physician and is affected by a life debuff that prevents their wounds from being cured and greatly reduces the power of any healing they receive, for a brief duration.

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