Skald is a Viking Class in Camelot Unchained



Though they are musicians, Skalds do not use musical instruments to power their abilities. Instead, they rely simply upon their words, amplified with certain magical accoutrements. With their Viking training, they are also the most adept at using weapons of any of the bard-like classes in the Realms. They also grow more powerful as the battle rages, trying to keep their emotions under control…most of the time.



The power of words is greater than any instrument.




   Instrumental Ineptitude
   Instruments do not grant bonuses to song abilities.


   Loss of Clarity
   Wounds to the head greatly reduce the power of Shout and Song abilities when not using an instrument.





   Memorial Echo
   The effects of song abilities remain in effect for a portion of the duration they were played after they have been stopped.


   Unbreakable Tale
   Disruption health for song and shout abilities is greatly increased.





   Saga of Heroes (Song)
   Provides an aura that suppresses the effects of up to one wound per body part to the user and their nearby group members. 
   Players under this effect also survive for a brief duration after being fatally wounded before dying.


   Chant of War (Song)
   Provides an aura that causes nearby enemies to take bonus damage from physical sources. The amount of bonus damage 
   escalates up to a maximum, based on total bonus damage dealt to players under this effect.


   Call to Arms (Song)
   Provides an aura that increases the movement speed of the user and their nearby group members. Taking damage while under the effect 
   of this aura breaks the effect, and dealing damage while under the effect of this aura breaks the effect and grants a physical buff that 
   increases damage with physical attacks for a moderate duration.


   Legacy Strike (Style)
   Deals moderate damage, and if this attack penetrates the target's armor, increases the power of the user's next song within a brief period of time.



Divine Intervention

Glory to the Brave
The user and their nearby group members gain a temporary physical buff that reduces ability preparation and recovery time, and also increases damage with weapon abilities. The power of the buff is based on the number of nearby enemies greater than the number of group members present.


Death Curse

Deafening Warcry
A stream of words escapes the user's mouth and encircles all nearby enemies, who take high damage and are affected by a physical debuff that reduces their hearing for a moderate duration.

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