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Slaughterwolf is a Viking Class in Camelot Unchained



Slaughterwolves bear a love for their wolves only exceeded by their love of slaughter. They believe their wolves are an extension of their own selves, and that wolves who die in battle will be reunited with them in Valhalla. These wolves are the strongest of all the pets in the Three Realms. Slaughterwolves are known for their great feasts after a battle, where they eat like wolves themselves.



To the slaughter of our enemies.




   Instinctive Motivation
   Spirit wolves will only obey commands within a limited distance of the user or other spirit wolves 
   that are following the same command. Beyond this distance spirit wolves act independently, following their own desires.


   Ravenous Hunger
   Spirit wolves begin to fade the moment they are summoned, losing health over time. When a spirit wolf 
   begins running low on health, it will stop to feed on nearby corpses to restore health. Corpses may be fed upon only once.





   Feral Aspect
   Bringing a spirit wolf into contact with a natural wolf increases Feral Aspect, greatly enhancing the power of the associated spirit 
   wolf type for a long period of time. This power decays with each use of a spirit wolf ability, and also decays over time.


   Lupine Proclivity
   Use of spirit wolf abilities grants the user a copy of the buff effect each wolf carries with it for a brief period of time.





   Frost Wolf (Primary)
   A frozen spirit that deals frost damage in addition to slashing damage with its attacks. Gains a spirit buff that increases frost resistance and 
   inflicts a frost debuff on enemies that deal damage to the wolf. This debuff increases the attacker's ability preparation and recovery times, 
   and reduces their movement speed for a brief period of time.


   Fire Wolf (Primary)
   A burning spirit that deals fire damage in addition to slashing damage with its attacks. Gains a spirit buff that increases fire resistance and 
   inflicts a fire debuff on enemies that deal damage to the wolf. This debuff reduces fire resistance and deals fire damage over time.


   Command: Hunt (Secondary)
   Spirit wolves of like type hunt the user's hostile target, encircling them and rushing forward to attack.


   Rabid Aggression (Modifier)
   A spirit wolf created by this ability gains a spirit buff that reduces ability preparation and recovery times and increases damage. 
   The wolf's increased aggression also causes it to turn and attack any enemy that strikes it, regardless of commands given.



Divine Intervention

Howl of Fenrir
Summons additional spirit wolves of each type known by the user and calls all nearby wolves without active commands to attack the target, granting each of them a spirit buff that increases both their movement speed and physical damage.


Death Curse

Curse of Fenrir
Calls forth a wolf spirit in the image of Fenrir that attracts all nearby wolves to it, causing it to grow in size and increase in power. After a brief duration the wolf spirit chases after the user's killer, inflicting high chaos damage and panic with its attacks. If the wolf spirit's target is killed, it howls in success and dissipates, increasing the panic of nearby enemies and reducing the panic of nearby allies by an amount spread among the number of targets affected.

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