The Depths is an RvR\RvE dungeon with all three Realms fighting to control its gates.


The Depths


General Information

  1. The Depths is a living place filled with dark magic, monsters and is a monster itself.
  2. If players will die in this place, they will become a terrifying monster laying within it.
  3. Mages of each Realm can subdue lost souls of The Depths and make them their servants.


Realm Association

The Depths have a shifting association and be controlled or conquered by the Realms. Strategical use of The Depths, as a living entity, in balancing the Realms is a goal of the game.

The access to it is connected with the state of war - its entrance is moving and once the shift happens The Depths opens its gates to another Realm while closing itself for the previous one and the fight to control the gates begins.


Inside the Depths

The Depths is alive, dark and very large, changing its appearance to adapt to the Realm that is controling it and changing even its level of hostility depending on players' actions. It hides legendary resources and treasures, forges that crafters are dreaming of.

Upon losing control of The Depths, players, and possibly whole parties, will have an option to sacrifice themself at Points of Power, becoming a powerful monsters to harass the controlling Realm. You can become from something scary or just funny to something like Bosses.

Moving through The Depths will be challenging - fighting against its horrors and the other Realms is only a part of the problem. Besides deadly trap left by the enemies, sometimes your builders will have to build a bridge over the abyss or you may simply get lost The Depths' labyrinths, because the parths through will be changing over time.

Building or destroying defenses and setting traps everywhere will be a common thing. Players will also be able to leave Eyes or Orbs behind in order to - after leaving or even dying - watch their traps sending enemies to death.

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