Veilstalker is an Arthurian Class in Camelot Unchained



The founders of this class were the first in the Realms to discover the ability to walk through the Veil. As such, Veilstalkers are a bit proud, or even sometimes haughty, when it comes to their place in history. Their ability to move through the Veil is unsurpassed among the Realms, for they possess a deeper history and knowledge of its mysteries. However, over time, this mastery comes at a sacrifice: their bodies pay a heavier price for walking through the Veil than other classes do.



We are as one with the Veil.




   Pain of Reality
   When entering the Veil, the user takes damage based on Arcane Charge and creates a local disturbance
   for a moderate duration that damages other players entering or exiting the Veil nearby.


   Arcane Decay
   Arcane Charge drains progressively faster the longer the user remains outside the Veil.





   Veil Affinity
   Arcane Charge regenerates over time while inside the Veil and quickly regenerates during Veilstorms.


   Veil Disruptor
Attacks gain bonus disruption damage based on Arcane Charge.





   Veil Gate (Modal)
Opens a personal gateway between the natural world and the Veil, and draws the user through it.



   Impale (Style)
  Initiates a piercing attack from the Veil that gains greatly increased armor penetration and bonus damage. When striking from the front,
   consumes Arcane Charge to apply an arcane debuff that deals arcane damage over time for a brief duration.



   Blackout (Style)
Increases the target’s preparation and recovery times and deals high disruption damage. When striking from behind, applies a physical
   debuff that immobilizes the target for a brief duration.




Divine Intervention

Arcane Purge
Purges the target’s earth, water, fire, air, frost, and lightning buffs with a total amount of power based on the user’s remaining Arcane Charge.


Death Curse

Interdimensional Overload
The user’s body bursts into an explosion reminiscent of the Piercing of the Veil when they die, creating a large amount of Veil disturbance and dealing high disruption to all nearby enemies.

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