Wave Weaver





Wave Weaver is a Viking Class in Camelot Unchained



Wave Weavers use the power found in waves to create their spells. They love water, fountains, and basically anything wet. While they are perfectly comfortable using their abilities away from a body of water, their runes are more effective when they can call on the additional power of nearby water to aid them.



Within the waves are the secrets to the ten worlds.




   Damage the Wave Weaver takes from fire effects inflicts a fire debuff that increases the preparation time of the user's next water ability used within a brief duration.


   Initial Dilution
   Effects on targets with no charges of Torrential Saturation have their power significantly reduced.





   Environmental Surge
   Standing in water greatly reduces the blood cost of water-based abilities.


   Torrential Saturation
   Water abilities that affect a target apply an amount of Torrential Saturation based on the ability's power for the duration of buffs and debuffs it applies. 
   While ally and enemy targets are selected, their amounts of Torrential Saturation are added to targets subsequently affected by the user's water abilities.





   Hrönn's Favor (Rune)
   Soaks the target in elemental water, pushing them back and applying a debuff that slows the target's movement speed by a small amount 
   for a moderate duration, and applies a high amount of Torrential Saturation.


   Kólga's Favor (Rune)
   Applies a frost debuff that reduces the target's movement speed and increases their ability activation and recovery times by 
   a large amount based on the target's Torrential Saturation for a brief duration.


   Crushing Confluence (Shape)
   Channels to project a beam of water toward a hostile target and apply the effects of a rune to them with increasing power over a moderate duration.


   Hydroshell (Shape)
   Surrounds the user or a target ally with swirling waves of water for a brief duration that apply the effects of a rune to enemies that come into contact with them.



Divine Intervention

Hand of Ægir
Only usable while outdoors. Calls down a downpour of heavy rain in a large area, applying a debuff that greatly reduces the vision of affected enemies, and a buff that increases the fire resistance of affected allies, along with a large amount of Torrential Saturation for both allies and enemies.


Death Curse

Curse of the Nine
Effigies of the nine daughters of Ægir appear around the body of the user and project a series of bolts of water at nearby hostile targets, with effects based on the rune of the user's last hostile water ability.

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