Tuatha Dé Danann



Wisp is a Thuata Class in Camelot Unchained



Wisps are the most effective of all the scouts at moving undetected through enemy lands, at least during the day. They are the fastest and hardest to kill, but their glowing bodies make them easier to see at night, especially in swamps. This power comes at a price: Their souls are bound to their lanterns, and these lanterns can be destroyed (and can regenerate like bodies) by enemies, which hurls the Wisps' souls into the Veil, trapping them until they can either escape or their lantern regenerates. Stories are told of travelers who lose their way in bubbling waters, thinking they might follow where only the Wisps should dare to tread.



Our will shines through the darkest night.




   Life in a Lantern
   The user's Wisp takes damage over time whenever it is outside of its lantern. The damage over 
   time taken is greater while moving, as is the Wisp's luminosity, which greatly reduces its concealment.


   Arcane Sensitivity
   The user's Wisp takes greatly increased damage from all forms of magic.





   Armored Lantern
   The user's Wisp takes greatly reduced damage from all sources and regenerates health quickly while inside a lantern. More than one 
   Wisp may enter the same lantern at once, regardless of owner, although each Wisp may own only one such lantern.


   Faithful Servant
The user's Wisp can survive beyond the death of the user's body. However, the user's Wisp requires its lantern in order to respawn. 
   If the user's Wisp dies while their lantern is destroyed and the user's body is dead, the user's body must return to life before the user's Wisp can be recreated.





   Commune with Wisp (Modal)
Transfers control between the user's body and the Wisp.



   Reconstitute Lantern (Secondary)
Recreates the Wisp's lantern and the Wisp within after it has been lost or destroyed.



   Blink (Wisp Ability)  
  Teleports a short distance in a random direction. Causes luminosity.



   Glow (Wisp Ability)
Greatly increase luminosity over a large area for a moderate duration. Nearby enemies are affected by a radiant debuff that reduces their resistance to radiant effects.



Divine Intervention

Direct a bright beam of light at an enemy target, inflicting a radiant debuff that reduces their vision and movement speed.


Death Curse

The Wisp explodes, causing a brilliant “light show” and shockwave that knocks nearby enemies back, removes a large amount of stamina, and applies a radiant debuff that causes a large amount of damage to each target if they move or use abilities within a brief duration.

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