Abilities in Camelot Unchained are made by players through Ability Building System with Components.

There are four basic types of ability components: Primary, Secondary, Modifiers and Modal Components. All abilites require at least one Primary and one Secondary component.

  • Primary - A thing that a player wants an ability to use with. (Sword, Shield, Staff)
  • Secondary - A way a player wants to use his Primary component. (Sword + Slash = Sword Slash attack)
  • Modifiers - optional components that can be used to further extend abilities' usage to suit desired playstyle. Modifiers are the largest set of components. Can be used to add range to an attack, width to AoE, etc.
  • Modal Components - Change  state of a character in some way, such as defensive or offensive stance.

Here's how you use your components:

  1. You have to use at least one Primary and one Secondary component to build an ability.
  2. You can use multiple Primary or Secondary components. For example, when attacking with multiple weapons.
  3. You should learn and practice your components in order to increase its effectiveness.
  4. Not all components are compatible with each other.
  5. No class has access to all components and many are class- or Realm-locked to prevent mirrored classes.


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