Vox Magus is used for the main aspects of Crafting.


Vox Magus


General Information

Vox Magus is the customizable all-in-one "crafting station", the way that crafters will create powerful and unique items. This will replace traditional MMORPG crafting stations like an anvil or alchemy table.

Each Realm has its own version of Vox Magus, but they work in the same or similar manner. The Vox Magus scales in power and appearance. It is a fully customizable device, which will change with the player over time.

A Guild can have a Vox Magus customized for multiple crafters to work together in the guild house. With costs and upkeep, this money sink will help prevent guilds from dominating the economy.


Upgrading Vox Magus

There are several parts of the Vox Magus that are upgradable. The Vox Magus itself is upgradable separate from the crystals. The ability to upgrade comes from reaching various goals, which are set by the Realm.

Upgrading your Vox Magus will increase total Vox Power, the power curve, as well as the visuals of crafting.

Upgrading is one of the money sinks for crafters.

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