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General Banes


A Bit Frail - Reduces Vitality by 1 
Eyes of an Eagle (an Old, Blind One) - Reduces Vision by 1 
Hampered Healing - Healing effects on you have their values reduced by 1 
I Don't Do Potions - You may not consume potions 
Slowfoot - Your in-combat movement speed is reduced by .5 
Slowpoke - Your out-of-combat movement speed is reduced by .5 
Agoraphobia - Your abilities are less effective when you are in the great outdoors. 
Bleeder - Bleed effects on you have their severity increased by 5 
Can't Catch My Breath - Exhaustion effects on you last for an additional 10 seconds 
Clumsy - Enemy wound threshold against your attacks is increased by 1 
Easily Enchanted - Your resistance to all types of magic is reduced by 5 
Easily Impeded - Movement-impairing effects have their duration increased by 3 
Failures Bring Failure - Critical failure results reduce critical result rolls by 3 for 30 seconds 
Fearful - Panic-causing events on you are increased by 1 
Infirmity - Heal-over-time abilities used on you take 5 additional seconds to begin taking effect 
Lagging Learner - Reduces the rate at which ability proficiency is gained by 1% 
Poor Attention Span - You require 5 additional points of proficiency to train new ability components 
Problematic Practicing - Your stat progression rate is reduced by 10% 
Sick as a Dog - Resurrection sickness time is increased by 240 
Totally Oblivious - Detection is reduced by 1 
Vulnerable - Your wound threshold is reduced by 2 
Careless - All items equipped by you lose an extra durability point per hour equipped 
Claustrophobia - Your abilities are less effective when you are within a structure of some type 
Fall's a Flop! - Ability activation costs are increased by 1 during fall 
Far Too Few - Abilities which can affect multiple targets lose 5 power when they affect only a single target 
Far Too Many - Abilities which affect multiple targets are reduced by 1 power per target they affect 
Nightblind - Critical result rolls are reduced by 3 during the night 
Sickly - Each day (in game) you have a 1% chance of being afflicted with an incurable disease for the day 
Solar Aversion - Critical result rolls are reduced by 3 during the day 
Spring's a Strain! - Ability activation costs are increased by 1 during spring 
Summer Sucks! - Ability activation costs are increased by 1 during summer 
The Veil Hates Me - Veilstorms reduce critical result rolls by 3 
Veiltouched - Veilstorms deal 1 damage to you per second in addition to their other effects 
Winter's the Worst! - Ability activation costs are increased by 1 during winter


Realm-related Banes


Arthurian Banes


Live by the Sword - You may not equip weapons or focus items other than swords 
Self-Righteous - You may not train in any runes of Dark magic, and your resistance to Dark Magic is reduced by 1 
Suspicious - Your Resonance, Faith, and Will are reduced by 5 
Creeping Despair - You suffer 1 additional panic rating for the death of each ally nearby 
Cursed Legacy - Your maximum panic rating is reduced by 3 while near the ruins of Camelot 
Dread of Disorder - Your resistance to chaos magic is reduced by 25 and chaos effects inflict an additional 5 panic rating 
Held Back by Honor - Your attacks gain no bonus for striking enemies from behind 
Obsessed With Revenge - When wounded by an enemy, you lose 5 penetration defense until they are killed or you are killed 
Overconfidence - Your resistances are lowered by 1 for each ally greater than the number of enemies present nearby, up to 25 
Pacifist - You may not equip weapons or use abilities which cause damage to enemies 
Shield Dependence - You lose 5 resistance to crushing, slashing, and piercing resistance when not using a shield 
Within These Walls - Your wound threshold is reduced by 5 when not defending allied buildings


Tuatha Dé Danann Banes


Chronic Weakness - Your strength is reduced by 10
Cursed Destiny - The rate at which you recover stamina is reduced by 5%
Susceptible to Sorrow - Your Vitality is reduced by 5
Vain Warrior - You may not carry a secondary weapon
Aloof Manner - The presence of allies nearby reduces your resistances by 1
Doomed Destiny - Your total stamina is reduced by 10
Getting the Shivers - Panic-causing events which affect you are increased by 1
Keep Away! - Enemy strikes against you with melee weapons gain 1 to wound results
Malignant Weakness - Each wound you have sustained increases your encumbrance by 1
Self-Absorbed - Your abilities may not target allied players
Slow on The Uptake - Your reactive defense abilities take 1 second longer to activate
Dreadful Nightmares - Your maximum panic rating is decreased by 10 at night


Vikings Banes


Frailty in Fire - Your Fire resistance is reduced by 10
Invasive Visions - Your Mind magic resistance is reduced by 5
Nightchild - Your vision range is reduced by 2 during the day and increased by 1 at night
Sign of the Hammer - You may not enter combat with any weapon other than a hammer
Unrestrained - Your blood and stamina costs for abilities are increased by 1
Abandoned by Allies - Your resistance to crushing, piercing, and slashing damage is reduced by 1 when no allies are nearby
Fear of the Dark - Panic-causing events which affect you at night are increased by 5
Memorable Cruelty - Damaging an enemy grants them 1 additional armor penetration against you on their next attack
Paranoid - Panic-causing events which affect you increase subsequent panic-causing events by 1 for 5 minutes
Perverse Prophecy - Negative Mind magic effects against you have their duration increased by 50%
Wasted Years - Your proficiency requirements for ability training are increased by 5
Victory or Death - You are unable to enter travel mode with enemies nearby


Race-related Banes


Hamadryad Banes


Cut to the Quick - Reduces your resistance to Slashing by 1
Fear of Fire! - Increases panic by 1 when affected by a damaging fire effect
Flammable - Reduces Fire Resistance by 1
Home is the Heart-Tree - Reduces your travel mode movement speed by 2 while not in a forest
Night's Curse - Increases the duration of bleed effects on your character by 1 at night
I Need a Great Protector - Veilstorms drain 1 stamina per second in addition to their other effects


Luchorpán Banes


Curses Stick to Me - Increases the duration of detrimental magic effects by 1
I Care Not For Myself - Self-healing effects are reduced by 1
Mark of Gadai - Reduces Presence by 1
Born To Be a Little Thief - Increases Encumbrance by 1 when wearing heavy armor
When the Luck Runs Out - Negative critical result rolls reduce critical result rolls by 1 for 30 seconds
Worringly Erratic - Increases Volatility by 2 and reduces critical results by 5


Fir Bog Banes


Caretaker's Burden - Reduces Stamina by 1 for each 1 blood that is restored by abilities
Slow to Anger - Increases activation times of weapon attacks by .5
Wounds Bewilder Me - Detection is reduced by 1 per wound sustained
Bare Hands Are Better - Reduces the rate of proficiency gained with weapons by 5%
Ponderous - Increases recovery times of reactionary abilities by 1
They Can Overwhelm Us - Increases panic-causing effect values by 1 for each enemy greater than the number of allies present


Valkyrie Banes


Fear is Despair - Reduces maximum panic rating by 1
Memories Are Painful - Increases damage from Humans and Tuatha abilities by 5
We Are Unique - You may only be healed by yourself and by other Valkyries
Capture Kills Me - Reduce wound threshold by 1 when suffering a movement-impairing effect
Not as Strong as We Look - Attacks which deal damage to your torso also strike your wings, increasing panic by 5, causing damage to them, and potentially inflicting wounds
Overwhelming Grief - Reduces armor penetration by 1 for 30 seconds each time a nearby ally is killed


Jötunn Banes


Melting Point - Reduces resistance to Fire magic by 5
No Hurry - Increases your Encumbrance by 2
Frostwalker - Reduces in-combat movement speed when not on snowy terrain by 1
Isolationist - Reduces your rate of proficiency gained by 1% while in a group
Not So Subtle - Increases your range to be detected by enemies by 1
Vengeance Must Be Mine - Taking damage from an enemy reduces your critical result rolls with abilities by 1 for 240 seconds or until that enemy is killed


St'rm Banes


Awfully Anxious - Increases the duration of Terror effects by 10
Pushed Too Far - Increases the duration of Exhaustion effects by 10
The Price of Grace - Reduces your mass by 1
A Bit Delicate - Reduces your wound threshold by 2
Slow to Subside - Increases the recovery time of your non-damaging abilities by 1
Overweening Pride - Reduces your rate of proficiency gained by 10%


Cait Sith Banes


Feline Fears - Water magic effects increase panic by 1 
It Pulls My Fur - Increases encumbrance from armor by 1 
Sensitive Senses - Resonance-based attacks which deal damage to you have their damage increased by 1 
Trouble With Trust - Healing effects on you have their value reduced by 1 
I Need to Move - Movement-impairing effects reduce your wound threshold by 1 
No Furless Food - You may only consume meat-based foods


Golem Banes


Can't Fight Forever - Reduces your maximum Stamina by 5
Crack in the Heat - Reduces your Fire resistance by 5
Hardened Clay - Reduces the amount of healing you receive from ally's abilities by 1
Voiceless - Reduces the power of your Resonance-based abilities by 1
Born in Darkness - Reduces your vision during daytime by 1
False Memories - Taking damage while in The Depths causes one additional panic


Class-related Banes



   Vow of Humility
   Disallows the use of heavy armor.


   Vow of Passivity
   Disallows the use of slashing and piercing weapons.



Black Guard

   Careful Elegance
   Bow abilities have their preparation and recovery times greatly increased, based on the encumbrance of the user's armor.


   Unconcealed Aggression
   Draw actions cause the user's concealment to be greatly reduced.



Black Knight

   Grievous Wounds
   Each wound sustained to a body part beyond the first has its power substantially increased.


   Armor worn with engravings loses a significant percentage of its mitigation value.




   Mortal Frailty
   When the user's body takes damage, the user's pet suffers disruption.
   When the user's pets deal disruption, it restores the user's blood.


   Haunted Mind
   The power of offensive abilities that are not cast by pets is greatly reduced.



Enchanted Knight

   Otherworldly Nature
   Receives reduced healing and power from life buffs.


   Honorable Opponent
   When the user strikes another player who is more wounded than the user, the user's damage is reduced.



Flame Warden

   Metal Aversion
   When the user wears equipment made from metal, they take greatly increased damage feedback
   when using fire-based abilities.


   Fire abilities additionally cost a percentage of the user's remaining blood.




   Fading Melody
   The power of song abilities is reduced over time with use, and takes time to recover full effectiveness.


   Master of None
   Weapon abilities used while maintaining a song deal greatly reduced damage.




   Erudite Absorption
   Encumbrance from equipment is greatly increased.


   Cross Fade
   The user's body loses blood over time while their spectral body is active. The rate of blood loss
   accelerates over time, with the acceleration rate determined by the distance between the user's body and their spectral body.




   Damage inflicted with melee weapons is greatly reduced.


   Encumbrance penalties from equipment are increased.




   Pain of Reality
   When entering the Veil, the user takes damage based on Arcane Charge and creates a local disturbance
   for a moderate duration that damages other players entering or exiting the Veil nearby.


   Arcane Decay
   Arcane Charge drains progressively faster the longer the user remains outside the Veil.



Blessed Crow

  Archaic Methods
   Ability preparation and recovery times are increased based on the user's total armor class.


  Cauldron Overflow
   Each cauldron builds Cauldron Overflow for the amount of power used in magic abilities it is used for. Cauldron Overflow decays
   naturally over time, but causes the cauldron to be destroyed if an additional ability is used while it is at its maximum.



Black Rider

   Deathless Torment
   While transformed, radiant and fire debuffs have their power increased on the user, 
   and the user also takes increased damage from radiant and fire attacks.


   Ethereal Exhaustion
   Stamina regeneration is progressively reduced based on time spent in transformed states.



Dark Fool

   Rueful Disappointment
   The death of nearby enemies inflicts a mind debuff on the user that drains blood and stamina over time.


   Self Sufficiency
   The power of healing and cure effects on the user from outside sources are greatly reduced.




   Malefic Visions
   Abilities have their disruption health reduced by an amount based on their power.


   Obscene Blasphemy
   Use of void magic by the user causes Obscene Blasphemy to build, which slowly decays over time by a rate based on its amount. 
   The user takes void damage based on Obscene Blasphemy each time they suffer damage from a magic source.
   Damage taken from Obscene Blasphemy also increases the Obscene Blasphemy charge.




   Fading Health
   Healing power is reduced based on missing health.


   Degenerate Wounds
   Wounds suffered by the user which are not cured after a moderate duration 
   begin dealing damage over time to the affected body part.




   Extra Flammable
   Fire damage mitigation from armor is greatly reduced.


   Charred Flesh
   Fire effects suffered by user add a physical debuff, preventing health regeneration for a brief duration.



Forest Stalker

  Metal Aversion
   Equipping items crafted with metal materials reduces the user's concealment, 
   as well as damage with bow abilities, for each item equipped.


   Symbiotic Flora
   Death effects deal extra damage to the user, and also inflict a death debuff 
   which causes blood loss when using plant-based life abilities.




   Bodily Purity
   Each wound sustained increases preparation and recovery time of spirit abilities.


   Luminous Revulsion
   Blood and stamina regeneration are greatly reduced during the day, and resistance to radiant damage is greatly reduced.



Red Cap

   Withering Thirst
   Loses blood over time down to a minimum threshold while outside of the Veil. Exiting the Veil creates
   a local disturbance that drains blood from players entering or exiting the Veil nearby, for a moderate duration.


   Bloodless Foes
   The user is unable to gain blood from the use of abilities on enemies who do not possess blood.




   Life in a Lantern
   The user's Wisp takes damage over time whenever it is outside of its lantern. The damage over 
   time taken is greater while moving, as is the Wisp's luminosity, which greatly reduces its concealment.


   Arcane Sensitivity
   The user's Wisp takes greatly increased damage from all forms of magic.




   Cursed Existence
   Weapon-based ability power is greatly reduced.


   To enter Arisen form, the user must sacrifice themselves. If the user dies without performing the sacrificial 
   ritual, they do not enter Arisen form. Arisen form takes increased damage from fire, radiant, and crushing attacks.



Child of Loki

   Cumbersome Reality
   Physical damage mitigation from armor is reduced, and the user suffers increased encumbrance from equipment.


  Painful Gifts
   The user takes an amount of chaos damage when applying Gift abilities based on the duration of the previous gift,
   up to a maximum damage cap after a long duration.




   Masked Horror
   When not wearing a Hel Mask, the user suffers greatly reduced life and death magic ability power.


   Opposing Forces
   Use of Life abilities reduces Death Force, reducing the power of abilities using death runes. 
   Use of death abilities reduces Life Force, reducing the power of abilities using life runes.




   Wearing heavy armor causes damage feedback from the use of lightning attacks, 
   based on heavy armor damage mitigation value.


   Rising Force
   Incoming damage is greatly increased during channeling.



Shadow Walker

   Denizen of the Pit
   Takes increased damage from radiant and fire abilities.


   Incorporeal Fade
   Physical attacks deal reduced damage, and metal equipment causes self-damage when activating abilities.




   Instrumental Ineptitude
   Instruments do not grant bonuses to song abilities.


   Loss of Clarity
   Wounds to the head greatly reduce the power of Shout and Song abilities when not using an instrument.




   Instinctive Motivation
   Spirit wolves will only obey commands within a limited distance of the user or other spirit wolves 
   that are following the same command. Beyond this distance spirit wolves act independently, following their own desires.


   Ravenous Hunger
   Spirit wolves begin to fade the moment they are summoned, losing health over time. When a spirit wolf 
   begins running low on health, it will stop to feed on nearby corpses to restore health. Corpses may be fed upon only once.




   Stone Cold
   Disruption health of spells is greatly reduced.


   Dust to Dust
   When one of their stones is destroyed, the user takes an amount of damage based on its health.



Wave Weaver

   Damage the Wave Weaver takes from fire effects inflicts a fire debuff that increases the preparation time of the user's next water ability used within a brief duration.


   Initial Dilution
   Effects on targets with no charges of Torrential Saturation have their power significantly reduced.



Winter's Shadow

   Lust for Glory
   Bow abilities have their power reduced based on the distance they travel to their target.


   Reckless Frenzy
   Armor class provided by wearing heavy armor is significantly reduced, and encumbrance from heavy armor is increased.



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