Realm vs Realm in Camelot Unchained is the main drive of all gameplay.


Realm vs Realm


General Information

Players will be able to fight for resources and conquer territory through sieges, building and destruction anywhere in the huge world except for the relatively small starting areas of each faction. Looting & pillaging enemy structures will be possible, but there will be no player loot upon death.

Guild and Realm Pride will be encouraged and death will be meaningful. Due to item decay and building destruction, fighting for resources will be crucial for the economy.

Very important aspect of the war between Realms is the travelling and shapeshifting PvE/PvP dungeon, The Depths. The Realm that has access to it`s gates will be strongly tempted to leave the territories they conquered "outside", The Depths itself will also be a battlefield.


RvR Focus and Elements

  • More purely focused on Tri-Realm war, RvR: without "classic" PvE leveling and with only introductory battlegrounds for low level players.
  • Everything in this game is geared to the Tri-Realm concept, including guild and Realm Pride, combat, leveling, sieges, the crafting system, mining, housing, gathering, economy and even PvE including dungeons.
  • Players who don't want to directly engage in combat on a particular day will have other options that still feed the RvR.
  • More indirect activities include crafting, building, mining, gathering and others.
  • Trade and economy overall will also indirectly support the war effort.
  • The Depths, the PvE/PvP dungeon which likely opens it`s gates to the Realm dominating the war

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