Stats in Camelot Unchained are divided into three parts: Primary, Secondary and Derived.





Increases the power of the character's magic effects and resistance to the negative effects of the Veil, and allows use of magic shapes and runes.



Improves Veil Subtlety of magic used, reducing its effects on the Veil, and allows use of modifier components as a part of magic spells.



Allows use of ability components granted by Greater Powers and increases the power of incoming healing.



Increases movement speed, and allows use of light weapons.



Increases maximum Health.



Increases maximum Stamina.



Allows use of voice- and instrument-based ability components.



Increases carrying capacity, and allows use of heavy weapons and armor.



Reduces Encumbrance penalty, and allows use of medium weapons and light armor.




Affects how NPCs react to the character, as well as increasing the effectiveness of concealment.



Increases the character's Detection rating.



Reduces the effects of Panic on the character.



The years your character has walked this world.



Increases Vision range and allows use of tageting abilities.



Increases the allowed power of positive effects on this character.



Increases the difficulty of pushing the character, and grants increased pushing power.



Enhancement Duration

Increases the duration of beneficial effects on this character.


Effect Power Bonus

Increases the power of beneficial effects applied to this character.


Maximum Panic Rating

The degree to which Panic events affect the character, causing increased ability failure chance and reduced Stamina regeneration rate.


Panic Rating Decay

Increase the rate at which accumulated Panic is decreased.


Maximum Health

Increases the character's maximum health value.


Veil Subtlety

Reduces the Veil disturbance generated by use of magic abilities.


Maximum Blood

Increases the maximum blood value consumed by magic abilities.


Movement Speed

Increases the maximum movement speed of the character.



Increases the distance at which other characters normally become visible.



Increases the distance at which concealed characters may start to be detected.


Encumbrance Reduction

Amount of encumbrance the character is able to ignore.


Carrying Capacity

Increases the amount of weight the character may carry, including all armor and weapons. Characters that are heavily encumbered will suffer penalties.


Health Regeneration

Increases the rate at which health regenerates over time.


Stamina Regeneration

Increases the rate at which stamina is restored.


Blood Regeneration

Inreases the rate at which blood regenerates over time.


Maximum Stamina

Increases the maximum value and regeneration rate of stamina.



Increases the distance at which the character will become visible or be detected by enemies.


Veil Resistance

Reduces the power of negative effects caused by the Veil.


Healing Received Bonus

Increases the power of healing effects on the character.


Heat Tolerance

Increases the character's heat tolerance threshold before taking damage from excess heat.


Cold Tolerance

Increases the character's cold tolerance threshold before taking damage from excess cold.



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