Blackguard is an Arthurian Class in Camelot Unchained



This order of archers was created by a young man named Edward. He organized a group of bowmen to defeat a “terror of Abominations” that arose from the Black Mire. They took on that tainted blight, and many horrible risks, in order to protect others. The Blackguard were among Arthur's earliest followers, before the rebirth of magic in the world. Adopting the color black, these archers became the scourge of all enemies of the Realm.



To rain Black Death from above.




   Careful Elegance
   Bow abilities have their preparation and recovery times greatly increased, based on the encumbrance of the user's armor.


   Unconcealed Aggression
   Draw actions cause the user's concealment to be greatly reduced.





   Optimal Preparation
   Bow abilities gain bonus damage based on their preparation time.


   Soldier's Vigilance
After not using a bow ability for a long period of time, the user's first bow ability used grants a physical buff to them
   that reduces the Stamina cost of subsequent bow abilities for a brief duration.





   Adept Shot (Aim)
Fires a precise shot, which deals bonus damage and significantly increases armor penetration.



   Following Shot (Aim)
Usable after a shot which strikes and penetrates the armor of a target. Fires an efficient shot that gains a bonus to projectile speed and
   armor penetration, with low stamina cost and preparation time.


   Flight Arrow (Ammunition)
An arrow which is fired with a high arc and travels over an extended distance.



   Black Arrow (Ammunition)
An exceptional arrow that deals high bonus damage to living targets based on the total amount of health they are missing.



   Precision Sight (Modal)
   Increases ability preparation and recovery times, while prominently displaying damage states on enemy characters.



Divine Intervention

Cursed Call
Calls out the user's target, inflicting a physical debuff that reduces the target's damage mitigation from physical sources, negates their camouflage, and highlights their position, for a moderate duration.


Death Curse

The Black Death
Forsakes the rest of the arrows in the user's active quiver in order to immediately fire a shot at the user's target with power based on the number of arrows discarded.

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